In the past 20 years, in terms of climate change, the Pannonian plain has been attacked by many invasive alien plant species. The most frequent and most important invasive plant species in the Hungary-Serbia border region is ambrosia. Since it has no natural enemies, it spreads into the nature protected areas, makes pressure on protected plants and its pollen is singled out as the dominant allergen in the border region.

The project’s main objective is decreasing environmental risks and preventing the negative effects of climate change on the nature-protected areas in the Hungary-Serbia border region by implementing joint actions in monitoring and mapping invasive species and suppressing ambrosia to reduce the spread of invasive species and provide better conservation status, safer environment for the inhabitants and economy. The project areas will include four protected areas in the border region: Selevenjske pustare, Subotička Peščara, the Ludaš Lake and Palić on the territory of Subotica and Kanjiža in Serbia and Kiskunság National Park near Kecskemét, in Hungary.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  1. Monitoring system established as a base for analyzing distribution of invasive plant species, seed bank in the soil in the project areas, monitoring pollen concentration and its interaction with air pollution in border region;
  2. Ambrosia treated and suppressed by different kinds of treatments in project areas in CBR;
  3. Raised awareness of relevant stakeholders and institutions regarding invasive plant species;
  4. Establishment of ECO knowledge and experience network.

The project contributes to the Programme’s overall aim and the specific objective of the Priority Axis 1: Improving cross-border water management and risk prevention systems since the project gathers institutions cooperating on the issue of invasive species, among which is ambrosia. Its eradication and monitoring of invasive species provides for Environmental sustainability and safety in the border region.

Project Title: Nature Protection from Invasive Plant Species

Acronym: PROTECT

Project ID: HUSRB/12/0132

Total Project budget: € 284.491,00

EU contribution: € 241.817,34

Project start date: 31/01/2018

Project end date: 29/09/2019

Lead Beneficiary: Autonomous Province of Vojvodina , Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection

Beneficiary 1: Neumann János University, Kecskemet